Special Needs Provision

Special Needs provision

All pupils are entitled to a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum.

Our aim at St. Peter’s School is to provide access to the curriculum for all our children who, at any time, might be in need of special educational provision, with regard to their academic, emotional or physical abilities.

To that end we have clear procedures in place to:-

  • identify and register pupils who need special provision;
  • monitor the progress of individual pupils;
  • enlist the support and resources of outside agencies when appropriate;
  • involve parents at each stage of Special Needs provision for their child;
  • allocate an appropriate proportion of the school’s resources to meet the needs of individual pupils.

We have a Pupil Support Manager who is responsible for ensuring our compliance with the Special Needs Code of Practice and who assists staff with Individual Education Plans for those pupils who have specific educational needs.

We continue to encourage our Gifted & Talented pupils through inclusion in County and locally run enrichment courses, when places are available.