Year 1 Seahorses and Puffins


Seahorses: Mrs Zoe Ellis-Somerville, Mrs Sarah Boghurst

Puffins: Mrs Hannah Goddard

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Dawn Furber

Mrs Rachael Hilton

Numeracy and Literacy

Throughout Year 1 the children will be taught a range of

  • Numeracy skills such as simple addition and subtraction, place value, money, repeating patterns, 2D and 3D shapes and measurement linked to our topic.
  • Literacy skills including elements of handwriting, phonics, spelling, independent writing, guided reading, individual reading, speaking and listening skills and role play/drama.
  • Some activities will be practical while others will be written tasks.
  • Phonics is taught through letter and sounds and an IT programme called ‘Phonics Play’ which are supported by a range of appropriate reading materials, colour banded according to their level of complexity.


We cover a range of topics, encouraging hands on experience wherever possible. Children will also experience a full range of activities in other areas through a topic based approach: Design Technology, ICT, PSHCE, Art, RE, Music and PE. The outside classroom will be used as much as possible to support all subject areas.

Each class can be organised and grouped in many different ways according to the activity, at times, by ability or friendship, working individually or in pairs.

Year 1 topics: Me, Myself and I

On Your Bike

Flower Power



St Peters Skills Progression - Yr1 (221.6 KiB)

Year One Words (22.0 KiB)