Year 1 Seahorses and Puffins


Seahorses: Mrs Zoe Ellis-Somerville, Mrs Sarah Boghurst    

Puffins: Mrs Hannah Goddard

Teaching Assistants:

Seahorses: Mrs Dawn Furber, Mrs Stephanie Bull                                                     

Puffins: Mrs Rachael Hilton, Mrs Karen Lancaster



Numeracy and Literacy

Throughout Year 1 the children will be taught a range of

  • Numeracy skills such as simple addition and subtraction, place value, money, repeating patterns, 2D and 3D shapes and measurement linked to our topic.
  • Literacy skills including elements of handwriting, phonics, spelling, independent writing, guided reading, individual reading, speaking and listening skills and role play/drama.
  • Some activities will be practical while others will be written tasks.
  • Phonics is taught through letter and sounds and an IT programme called ‘Phonics Play’ which are supported by a range of appropriate reading materials, colour banded according to their level of complexity.



Over the year we use topics to embed our core and foundation learning. Our topics are:

Autumn 1: A Child of Books.
This topic is all about stories, based on ‘A Child of Books’ by Oliver Jeffers. We share our favourite books, look at the features of story writing and use our imagination to create story settings and characters.
In DT we create rafts and use role play to imagine where we might travel.
Autumn 2: Owls.
In this exciting topic we read ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. We share, learn and write our own versions of the story. In science we learn about nocturnal animals and their habitats. We enjoy a visit from some feathery friends! In geography we create maps to help mummy owl find her babies. Our highlight is making clay owls and painting them. 
Spring 1: Tin Forest.
This topic is all about looking after our environment and recycling! We are very resourceful and in Science we learn all about materials and their properties. We enjoy the ‘Tin Forest’ story by Helen Ward and explore the character in the story. In art we create Tin leaves, to make our very own tin forest. 
Spring 2: Dinosaurs.
This is non-fiction based topic, exploring the exciting world of dinosaurs! We learn about Herbivores/Carnivores and Onmivores and make our own fact pages about dinosaurs. We have a fantastic trip to paradise park. In history we study Mary Anning and find out all about fossils. 
Summer 1: Trouble At Sea.
This topic is based on ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by Ronda and David Armitage. We start the topic off by making our own sandwiches and writing a set of instructions. In art we paint lighthouses. In DT we evaluate, design and make a lunchbox for Mr Grinling. 
Summer 2: Land Ahoy.
In geography we find out about physical and human features and find out about continents and oceans.  We set off on a voyage around the world, visiting different countries and finding out about different cultures. In ICT we look at different flags and program beebots.
To find out more about your child’s curriculum please contact your child’s class teacher or click this link to go to the national curriculum.

St Peters Skills Progression - Yr1 (221.6 KiB)