Year 3 Sharks and Stingray


Stingray: Mrs Linda Jones and Mrs Ruth Hill
Sharks: Miss Rachael Carroll

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Sarah Mackay
Numeracy and Literacy

Throughout Year 3 the children will be taught a range of:

• Numeracy skills such as addition and subtraction, place value, simple multiplication and division, money, problem solving, 2D and 3D shapes, data handling and measurement.
• Literacy skills including elements of handwriting, phonics, spelling, independent writing, guided reading, speaking and listening skills and role play/drama.

Where possible these will link to our topics.

Children will experience a full range of activities through a topic based approach. This term’s topic is ‘The Rainforest’. Our other topics are based on light and forces (‘Let it shine’), Dragons, Our village (a local study), Stone age and a Iron age. Further information about each of these topics will be sent out on our half-termly newsletters.

PE takes place on Monday afternoons and Swimming is on Tuesday afternoons for individual classes.
Please ensure that your child has relevant named kit. Hair should be tied back for P.E days and please provide tape for pierced ears. Swimming is on Tuesdays.

Reading at home
To help support reading progress, please encourage your child to read several times a week and record this in the reading diary. To recognise the importance of reading, the children will be encouraged by having a display in class to show their progression on the reading stars.

A Homework grid will be sent home each half term with the topic newsletter. The grid will provide many different options for homework, across a range of subjects. The children will be expected to choose and complete one activity per fortnight. All homework will be shared within class time. They will also have a weekly maths task to complete, this will be sent home on a Friday to be returned by the following Wednesday please.

Letters giving parents information from the teacher, head teacher, PTA or governors, will be given to the eldest child in the family. These should be in their book bags, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Year Group newsletters providing details about the topics and curriculum will be handed out every half term.

As part of transition from Key stage one to Key stage two there will be an afternoon break available each day until October half term. These will then be removed (one a week) so that there will be no afternoon breaks after Christmas, from the Spring term in line with the rest of Key stage two.
The children are welcome to bring in a small pocket size toy for playtimes up until Christmas. Please ensure it is not precious or valuable as we ask the children to take responsibility for it themselves.

St Peters Skills Progression - Yr3 (406.8 KiB)