Year 4 Orcas and Swordfish


Orcas: Mrs Tamsie Flood-Murphy
Swordfish: Mr Matt Stenning

Support Assistants:
Mrs Ann Mundy


The children will often be grouped according to ability within class and will follow the structure of the Renewed National Numeracy Framework which covers; Block A: Counting, partitioning and calculating, Block B: Securing number facts, understanding shape, Block C: Handling data and measures, Block D: Calculating, measuring and understanding shape and Block E: Securing number facts, relationships and calculating.


The children will be taught in their class group but will sometimes be working in ability groups within the classroom.  They will be following the structure of the Renewed National Literacy framework, which covers a range of reading, writing, speaking and listening activities.  We aim to further develop creativity through introducing children to a range of well known authors and to focus on improving their grammatical skills in their own writing.  We will also be developing their response to non-fiction reading and writing by embedding this in a thematic approach.


The Science focuses this year are Temperature, Friction, Solids & Liquids, the Skeleton and Electricity. These topics will all help increase the children’s investigative skills and give them the experience of planning, and carrying out a fair test. We aim to develop this via a more thematic approach to their learning.

Imaginary Worlds Autumn Term 1
Shakespeare Autumn Term 2
The Tudors Spring Term
Habitats Summer Term 1
Africa Summer Term 2

Thematic topics focus involving all curriculum areas:

This will enable children to experience a full range of activities from all subject areas History, Geography, RE, PE, ICT, Design Technology, PSHCE, Art, French, Drama and Music.  As part of the Y4 Music Curriculum children are given the opportunity to learn percussion, singing and African drumming with a specialist teacher from the West Sussex Music team.


We will be setting assignments throughout the term related to Literacy and Topic work.  Alongside this there will be regular Maths homework. The topic activity will be chose from a homework grid offering a wide range of challenges. 

St Peters Skills Progression - Yr4 (248.0 KiB)