Year 5 Penguins and Seals


Seals: Mrs Amanda Tickel, Mr Henry Frankel

Penguins: Mrs Julia McGuffog

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Annette Fuller


The children follow the structure of the Renewed Primary Framework for Mathematics, covering place value, the four rules, mental calculations, money and real life problems, fractions, decimals and percentages, ration and proportion , shape, space and measures and handling data.


The children access a range of fiction and non-fiction genres in reading and writing including:

Non-fiction: Reports, recounts, instructions, explanation, persuasion and letters.
Fiction: Poetry, science fiction, classic texts and a range of modern authors.
Reading: During the day, there will opportunities for children to read. Some children will be heard to read on a one-to-one basis, regularly. We will also have book studies in guided reading sessions
Spelling: Spelling will take many forms, including learning vocabulary related to the topics, focus on specific letter and sound patterns, focus on spelling rules and work on misspelt words in their own writing.

Speaking and listening skills are embedded in all curriculum areas.


Every half term there will be a different topic from which cross-curricular work will be based upon. This allows for children to become engaged with their learning and to add more fun, meaning and purpose to their work. Our topics this year are as follows:

Autumn 1: Ancient Egyptians
Autumn 2: Space
Spring 1: China
Spring 2: Earth beneath our feet
Summer 1: Coasts
Summer 2: Healthy Living

Here is an outline of the areas of the curriculum that will be covered this year:


Science this year will cover Planets, Gases, Changing states, Lifecycles, Healthy bodies, and Sound. We will be observing, questioning, experimenting and writing up investigations.


ICT is embedded in all curriculum areas. Specific skills and programmes will be developed using the computers in the ICT suite. This includes, internet research, comparing ICT software, creating powerpoints, internet safety and spreadsheets.

Foundation subjects


As part of our first topic we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians, including the importance of the River Nile, the social hierarchy, Gods and Goddesses and of course, mummification! After Christmas, we will be studying China and the country’s history and celebrating the Chinese New Year.


Rivers and Coasts are our main focus with relation to the River Nile during the ‘Egyptian’ topic, looking at the environmental issues of the Yangtze River during our ‘China’ topic and after Easter, where we will be studying the features of coasts and how tourism has had an impact on our coastline—this will include the trip to Brighton seafront in July.

Design Technology

We will be designing and making shadufs during the first half term and some Chinese cooking in the Spring term.


We will be carrying out various artist studies, including Paul Khlee and Local artist Sam Toft. We will be looking at Egyptian and Chinese art as well as ensuring painting, sketching, printing and sculpting skills are continuously built upon throughout the year.


We develop the children’s skills in invasions games, including tag rugby, football and netball. Skills are also developed in striking and fielding games, including rounders and cricket. Gymnastics and dance skills will also be developed.


PSHCE is an essential part of all school days, including working together, going for goals, relationships and a new focus on economic awareness.


We follow the National Curriculum and develop the children’s skills in listening and responding to music, as well as composing. Music compositions will often relate to the current topic. In Year 5, one of the highlights of the year is the Chanctonbury Music Festival where we will learn a selection of songs and join with other schools in the locality for a brilliant performance at Steyning Grammar School.


We cover aspects of Christianity including discovering God, how the Church began, Easter and Funerals and Buddhism.

St Peters Skills Progression - Yr5 (278.6 KiB)